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A Game Changer in Floor Care

Our simple, straightforward program steps deliver simple, yet effective floor care that extends the life of floors and retains their original appearance for longer. Developed by professionals for professionals, all major aspects have been considered - sustainability, design and economy.

Dedicated Maintenance for All Wood Floor Needs

Wood is a living, organic, natural material that demands special care. No two wood floors are the same. From oiled or waxed, to lacquered or stained, each wood floor surface requires a specific maintenance process based on factors such as surface finish and function. Now, the Bona Care Program introduces the first dedicated maintenance program for wood floors, based on a century of experience in wood floor care.

From everyday upkeep to full recoating, our full range of products, accompanied by treatment steps offer an easy, efficient work process, with outstanding results. Whether it’s simple cleaning for stained wood or renewing a lacquered surface, take the guess work out of wood floor care with Bona’s unique care program.