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Bona Wood Care Program

With a century of experience, seeing the needs for proper wood floor maintenance and care, Bona now offers a comprehensive care program, which offers efficiency, speed and simplicity. Do it the right way, the Bona Way.

A Care Program for Every Situation

Bona Care Program is a unique wood floor maintenance program, created to meet the needs of every type of wood floor. From the heavy traffic of sports halls and airports, to the high standards of hotels where image is everything, it delivers outstanding performance and superior results. Bona Care provides you with everything you need, from guidance to products, enabling optimal care and maintenance with simplicity, speed and efficiency.

✓ For all kinds of wooden floors

✓ For all maintenance needs

✓ Simplicity and support


Extend Floor Life with Recoating

After a longer period of wear, surfaces need a special treatment to shine again. With the unique Bona Recoating Treatment you can restore the beauty and strength of a surface in a fraction of the time and effort of a full renovation.

Bona wood floor care

A Unique Solution

For dull, worn floors, Bona PowerScrubber is a compact, powerful machine that works deep down, refreshing wooden surfaces. When used with the unique Bona DeepClean W, a gentle yet effective, concentrated cleaner, even the toughest dirt and grime is removed without the risk of staining the wood. Together with Bona premium oils, Bona’s intensive cleaning treatment brings tired floors back to life.

Power To Do It All

Bona FlexiSand 1.9 is no ordinary machine. Powerful and versatile, it is equipped to take on a wide range of floor preparation jobs with speed and ease. From buffing, to sanding for recoating, Bona FlexiSand does it all. When used in conjunction with the Bona Quattro Disc and long-lasting, Bona Diamond Abrasives, you can be sure of perfect evenness and the smoothest surface. For better adhesion and a superb finish, Bona’s dynamic trio makes light work of any task.