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A new Bona Center has opened

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

A new Bona Center has opened in Aix-En-Provence- the first of its kind in terms of new look and feel. For many years some of the European Bona subsidiaries have been selling Bona products directly to craftsmen from their own premises or “shops”. As part of Bona’s focus on customer service and global branding, a new concept of Bona Centers has been developed.

The new Center in Aix-en-Provence in France is the first of its kind and an addition to the three existing Bona Centers in Paris, Strasbourg and Lyon. It will provide the prototype for giving other existing Bona Centers in Europe a make-over and opening new centers in the future.

Bona Centers are more than a place to purchase products. At the Bona Centers craftsmen can purchase Bona products but also get inspiration, advice and special tips from Bona’s experts. They also provide a place for interaction and exchanging information – valuable both for craftsmen and Bona in getting feedback on products and services.