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Our history

At Bona, heritage plays an important role. We started as a small family owned coffee business in Sweden and have since embraced innovation and progress, growing into a multinational company with presence in over 90 countries. But at our heart, our 500 employees are our family, and we still treat our customers with the same level of service and respect.

Join us on our journey to find out about how the World of Bona became what it is today.

1919 – Wilhelm Edner has been running a humble coffee business in Malmö, Sweden, which produces and sells floor wax as a side income. In 1919, he finally registers his floor wax company as Aktiebolaget Bona and starts to introduce other floor care products.

1953 – Bona introduces D-503 Floor Sealer. Its popularity in Germany, Austria and Switzerland propelled Bona to an export oriented industrial group.

1979 – Bona pioneers in waterborne finish in the world. We decide to focus on R&D, not just for products, but also for quality control.

1984 – Bona enters the UV finishes market and introduces more waterborne finishes. New subsidiaries are set up in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China and Singapore. Sales offices are set up in Panama and Shanghai.

2002 – Bona enters the US retail market, through the hardware channel, with Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

2010 – Bona now has a complete system of products for every wood flooring challenge. We focus on total solutions that the customer can use for every stage in the lifetime of their floors.

2011 – Bona is carried in the Top 5 largest US retailers.

2016 – Bona is carried in 9 of the Top 10 largest US retailers.