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How To / Oil floor

Renovating a wooden floor can seem complicated but then again be very rewarding. Follow our step-by-step instructions for how to oil floors and discover the beauty that lies hidden in your old wooden floors.


How to oil floor - Step by StepMaterial checklist:

  • Rubber bladed scraper or stainless steel trowel
  • Small brush
  • Lint-free cloths
  • Gloves and safety goggles
  • Disposable booties
  • Plastic bag with water to place oily rags/paper in



Vacuum the floor

Step 1: Preparations

Careful sanding and preparation of the floor is key to creating the perfect surface. Make sure to sand down to bare wood. Once sanded, carefully vacuum the surface and anywhere else dust may have gathered. Apply the varnish in normal room temperature, 18-25°C. Pull down curtains to avoid direct sunlight on the floor.

White Wash

To achieve an even whiter result than with regular white pigmented oil, use Bona White Wash before oiling. Bona White Wash is waterborne and quick drying.

Filling Gaps

To fill gaps in the wood and make them blend in with the rest of the floor, mix wood dust from the sanding process with Bona Wood Filler Mix. An edge sanding machine produces the most suitable
dust. For very large gaps use Bona Wood Mastic.

Stir the oil

Step 2: Apply the floor oil

Stir the oil container before use.

Apply the oil Apply the oil systematically without interruptions. Treat surfaces larger than 30m2 in sections, NOT in one go.
Spread the oil Pour oil onto the floor and spread the oil thinly using a rubber bladed scraper or
a stainless steel trowel. Use a brush to reach the edges and corners.
Dry Allow the wood 15 minutes to absorb the oil. Do not leave puddles of oil. Make a
second pass across the floor with more oil, if the surface is not saturated
After 10-15 minutes, remove all surplus oil using a lint-free cloth. Ensure proper ventilation and let dry.
WARNING: Risk of self-ignition! Place used cloths and similar fibrous materials in a plastic bag with water or sealed metal containers directly after use!

When Can My Floor Be Used Again?

The floor will usually take light foot traffic 24 hours after application. After 48 hours, furniture can be returned but wait one week until replacing carpets. Damp-mopping can be resumed after one week.

NOTE: Walking on the floor prematurely may push up oil. Wipe away surplus oil directly when noticed. Already hardened oil can be dissolved with fresh oil or by abrading lightly and then rubbing the spot with new oil.


Step 3: Periodic maintenance

For daily cleaning, use dry cleaning methods such as a vacuum cleaner, a soft broom or a Bona Dusting Pad.

Bona Cleaner

Oiled floors should be kept saturated. Use a designated floor cleaner such as Bona Oil Cleaner which will clean and preserve the surface. Do not clean the surface with “all-purpose” cleaners that remove the surfaces’ natural fat.

To avoid oiled floors becoming dull and dry, apply a coat of Bona Oil Refresher regularly to increase the floor’s resistance to water and dirt. For best results, start the maintenance before the floor is starting to look dry, not after.

1. Clean the floor using Bona Oil Cleaner and a Bona Pad.
2. Dampen a Bona Pad with Bona Oil Refresher.
3. Spray Bona Oil Refresher onto the floor and distribute with the pad. Apply one even coat over the whole floor. Let dry for at least 2 hours.